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Energy Boosting: Healthy Foods With Fiber, Vitamins, And Minerals

fiber vitamins minerals healthy

​It’s time to look at the healthy foods with fiber, vitamins, and minerals that will help you boost your energy.

The best part is these healthy foods are all delicious foods that you probably already enjoy and many of them you will already have in your home. Now you have the building blocks that you need to get your energy levels back on track.


​You likely already know what a great potassium boost that bananas offer, they’re also a fabulous energy source. That’s because, in addition to the potassium, they’re also loaded with vitamin b6, fiber, and manganese.


​​It’s more than just a delicious appetizer before you chow down on sushi. These immature soybeans are a fantastic, protein snack that you can enjoy at home or the office.

Thanks to their phytoestrogens content, you can enjoy a hefty boost in energy after enjoying a portion. All you need to do is boil them and then add a pinch of sea salt. 

Fatty fish

When people talk about fatty fish, it’s usually in terms of its power as brain food. It’s also an excellent energy booster, though.

Tuna and salmon are excellent protein sources that are also rich in the vitamin B family. Of course, there’s that added benefit of omega 3.

In addition to powering your brain, omega 3 fatty acids also fight inflammation in your body, which we know can contribute to fatigue.

Brown rice

Why is brown rice so good for you when white rice isn’t?

White rice is basically what’s left over after brown rice shakes its healthy coat off. White rice is highly processed, but brown rice has been through less of a process so, it has more minerals, fiber, and vitamins.

A cup of (cooked brown) rice fulfills almost 90% of the manganese you need in a day, and also 3.5 g of fiber.

Manganese helps your body break protein and carbs down, which helps produce more energy. That fiber content also ticks the low GI box.


​This should come as no surprise because you probably turn to coffee all the time when you need a boost.

It stimulates both your brain and your body, leaving you more focused and feeling alert.

To get the best benefit, consider having coffee 15-30 minutes before your workout session. Don’t get into the habit of relying on it to fuel your energy all day.

Sweet Potatoes

​Sweet potatoes are an excellent energy source, and nutritious.

Just a single sweet potato (of medium size) offers over 300% more Vitamin A than you need! It also offers a healthy dose of manganese and fiber.

The complex carbohydrate content means that your body will digest them slowly, thus providing you with a nice supply of energy.


​They are delicious, they’re handy, and they can help fuel your day.

They’re an excellent source of protein, and that energy source is sustained. 

Eggs also contain an abundance of leucine, which is an energy producing amino acid. Eggs are also an excellent vitamin B source.

Goji Berries

​What’s not to like about Goji berries?

Not only are they delicious, but they are also packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. 

They are also rich in fiber, which aids in digestion and helps you beat fatigue with that slow energy release. 

You can toss them in your smoothies, sprinkle them in yogurt or top your cereal with them.


​You need water, your body is made up of it. 

When you don’t drink enough water, you risk dehydration and dehydration causes fatigue, impacts your bodily functions, and your focus. 

You should never wait until you’re thirsty to drink water – it’s something that you need to be mindful of as you navigate your day.

Dark Chocolate

We know that cocoa has serious health benefits, one of which is boosting the body’s blood flow.

That’s good news for your brain and your muscles because oxygen improves how they function, which is great for exercise.

That increased flow of blood is also beneficial to your mood, and mental fatigue.


​If you want an excellent balance of fiber and carbs with your energy boosting snack, then look no further than the humble apple.

There are over 7,000 varieties of apples, with over 2,000 of them being grown in the United States. In just one apple, you will find 4 g of fiber and 25 g of carbohydrates.

If that isn’t enough to convince you to love apples more often, they’re also packed with antioxidants.


In just one cup of this delicious seed you will find 5 g of fiber, 39 g carbohydrates, 8 g protein, as well as a host of minerals and vitamins.

There’s a reason that quinoa is considered a super-food. It’s also low on the GI, which means your carbs will be absorbed slowly to provide you with plenty of energy.

It’s also a great source of folate, magnesium, and manganese.


​This protein snack is a great option. In addition to the vitamin B family that it offers, it’s something you can turn to to help you stay full for longer. 

So, it’s a great breakfast option to help you maintain your energy levels throughout the day.


​When the whole grain is combined with water it turns into a thick gel because this whole grain contains beta-glucan.

This keeps you fuller for longer. Of course, there’s also the fact that oats contain vitamins and minerals like manganese, iron, and the vitamin B family.


​Before we even brag on the humble lentil’s energy boosting abilities, let’s take a moment to thank it for its cost efficiency!

These legumes are cheap, which means you can use them often and throw them in just about anything.

They are packed with fiber and carbs, as well as iron, folate, zinc, and manganese. They’ll give you energy and it will burn slowly.

lentils fiber vitamin healthy


​Perhaps the greatest thing about hummus is that you can easily make it yourself at home.

There are all different flavor varieties that you can create, but the basic recipe is chickpeas, lemon, olive oil, as well as sesame seed paste.

cereals fiber healthy vitamins

This is a great energy source that you can enjoy with raw vegetables or even in a salad.


​Another delicious item that is classed as a super-food. 

Avocados are the epitome of healthy fat, and also offer a healthy dose of fiber. 

Healthy fats promote nutrient absorption and store themselves away in your body so that they can be used for energy. Avocados are also an amazing source of vitamin B.


Strawberries fiber healthy

​If you want a snack that is too delicious to be healthy, then it has to be strawberries. 

As far as fruit goes, it’s one that is universally loved. In fact, people love strawberries so much they go out of their way to enjoy them for dessert, whether it’s dipped in chocolate or covered in cream (whipped or otherwise).
A single cup offers 3 g of fiber and 12 g of carbs. You’ll also get more vitamin C than you need for the day.

Then, there are the antioxidants that fight inflammation and boost your energy levels.


​Whether it’s pumpkin seeds or chia seeds, seeds are an excellent energy-boosting food source.

Typically, seeds are high in omega 3 fatty acids and we already know that they help fight inflammation and beat fatigue.

seeds fiber minerals healthy

However, seeds are also a great source of protein and fiber. 

Sprinkle them in yogurt, on salads, or even top your cereal with some seeds to maintain a slow release of energy throughout your day.


​You probably think of oranges in the context of vitamin C.

Yes, one orange is going to provide you with more than enough vitamin C for your day.

There’s more to oranges than that, though. They can also offer you a healthy dose of antioxidants.


​Beans are magical, but not for the reason you’ve been led to believe.

There are hundreds of different beans so you’re sure to find a few that you genuinely enjoy.

They’re rich in protein, carbs, and fiber. Beans digest slowly to provide you with steady energy.

They are also packed with antioxidants. Black beans, in particular, are packed with magnesium, folic acid, manganese, and iron.

Green Tea

Green tea has become incredibly popular and that’s probably because of its many health benefits.

Green tea is high in antioxidants, which again will help you fight inflammation and thus fatigue. The Green tea does contain caffeine as well, which is why it’s known to boost energy levels.

It also contains Theanine, which when combined with caffeine can boost concentration, focus, and alertness.


If you want an energizing snack that is also low in calories, then enter popcorn! 

This snack is high in fiber and carbs and is deliciously satisfying. 

In fact, it just happens to be one of the foods with the highest fiber content, therefore providing you with a steady energy release. 

When you choose to air-pop then you’re getting a healthy snack.


​You can eat them on their own, mix them in your yogurt, sprinkle them in your oatmeal, toss them in a smoothie or, you can add them to your cereal.

There are as many uses for blueberries as there are health benefits. This fiber-packed snack is loaded with antioxidants.



The beauty of beets is it that they are delicious on their own, in salads and even for juicing purposes.​

Just a cup offers almost 4 g of fiber. 

Additionally, you will find that beets are packed with nitrates that increase blood flow.

beets fiber vitamins healthy

Leafy Greens

​It doesn’t matter which leafy greens you prefer, they’re all a fantastic source of nutrients.

Kale and spinach offer vitamins A, C, E, K, calcium, potassium, iron, and magnesium. Then there’s the fiber and folic acid.

Leafy Greens fiber vitamins minerals

One of the most common iron deficiency symptoms? Fatigue.

So, a healthy dose of leafy green vegetables will replenish your iron stores as well as boost your vitamin C intake, which will help your body absorb the iron and other nutrients.


Nuts tend to get a bad rap. Everyone knows that they are healthy, the problem is that they’re also known for being high in fat.

Yes, they are. Like avocados, though, they are healthy fats.

If you’re trying to lose weight, then yes, you will need to be careful with just how many nuts you eat, but just because nuts are high in calories doesn’t mean you should ignore their benefits.

 Whether you love cashews, walnuts or almonds, they are packed with protein and offer a slow energy release.

Additionally, nuts are packed with antioxidants, as well as omegas 3 and 6 fatty acids. They also contain vitamins B and E, iron, and manganese making them a great, healthy snack to boost your energy levels.

​Final Thoughts

​So, there you have it. You can enjoy the above foods to no effect if you don’t take the steps to build a healthy diet in the first place.

Of course, you can’t forget to make time for exercise as well.

The more you exercise, the more energy you will have.

You will also see a difference in your sleep patterns as exercise and dietary changes will help you improve your sleep schedule.

Increasing your energy levels doesn’t have to be as complicated as we often make it.

As you make these changes and increase your water intake, you can wean yourself off of chasing energy in the processed foods that are creating a nasty cycle of exhaustion.

Additionally, your focus will improve, as will your overall health and wellness. Your changes can be gradual, but in situations like this, you will notice that once you get started you will easily make the necessary changes without much notice.

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