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Tips for Seeing Your Aura


​You don't have to be a mystic or own some particular set of psychic properties to see a person's aura. The aura surrounding a person tells you a lot about them, with different colors meaning different character traits.

For instance, someone with a lot of purple in his or her aura is naturally inquisitive

Blue is a sign of great communication skills, and people with green in their auras usually have a natural connection to plants, animals and the earth.

​​If you have ever "sensed" something about a person and you don't know where your feelings came from, you may have gotten close enough to have their aura spill over into your personal energy field.

Rather than having to rely on feelings or emotions, you can learn to see the encompassing energy field surrounding an individual, as well as its accompanying colors.

Here are a few tips proved to improve your natural psychic ability to see auras.

1. Be open

​Even though you may know something about a person, don't assume your thoughts are correct.

This can stifle the natural ability every person has to identify the size, shape, and color of the auras that encompass all people.

2. Start small, with individual body parts

​The best way to improve your ability to spot aura is to start with your hand.

  • Place your hand in a relaxed state on a piece of bright white paper. Your fingers should be apart but not exaggeratedly so. 
  • Let your mind drift and focus on nothing, looking at the spots between your fingers. 
  • Practice this enough and you will begin to see glowing colors around your fingers.

3. Profile someone against a walls

​Choose a wall that has been painted with a neutral or plain, creamy color.

You don't want a wall with a painted or wallpaper pattern that is distracting. Have someone stand or sit in front of the wall and begin by focusing on their forehead.

Look "through" the person rather than at them, and you will eventually see a glowing color or colors surrounding their head.

4. Use your peripheral power​

​Your peripheral vision is very strong. The things you see to the limits of your vision on the right and left of whatever you are focusing on straight ahead are often in sharp detail. 

Practice using your peripheral vision to identify auras.

​5. Get your hands on an aura imaging camera (expensive)

​This is a technologically sound way of spotting auras, but it won't be budget-friendly for everyone.

Aura imaging camera
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