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6 Signs Your Chakras Are Blocked


​In energy medicine, we learn that our body has energy centers throughout that are called chakras.  When these areas are flowing well, you will experience wellness.  But when they’re blocked, you can begin to have physical, emotional, or mental trouble.

Let’s look at 6 Signs that your chakras are blocked.

#1 – You’re having trouble sleeping

When your energy is balanced, sleep comes easily and is peaceful and restful. ​

But when you’re having trouble with falling asleep or staying asleep it could mean that your third eye chakra is blocked.  

Your third eye chakra is where your sleep and waking time are regulated.

#2 – You feel unmotivated

​If you wake up each day and really just don’t feel motivated to participate in your life, it could be that your solar plexus chakra is blocked.  

This chakra is responsible for your inspiration and creativity.  When it’s blocked, you may have trouble in these areas.

#3 – You’re isolated

​If you find that you’re socially isolated and struggling with developing relationships, this could mean that your heart chakra is blocked.  

Your heart chakra is responsible for your feelings and ability to share in relationships.  

When it’s blocked, you may struggle with developing connections to people.  

This can affect romantic relationships as well as platonic friendships.  

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#4 – You feel stressed

​For many people feeling stressed is almost normal.  But feelings of stress can indicate that you have a blockage in your heart chakra.

Not only does this chakra affect feelings it also regulates your emotions and your well-being.  

When it becomes blocked, you can feel the effects of stress more acutely.

#5 – You have trouble concentrating

​If you’re struggling with focus and concentration, you could be dealing with a blocked third eye chakra.  

This chakra helps to keep the mind focused and allow you to see what is and is not true.  

When it’s blocked you may feel like your attention is being pulled in many directions and you may lose your ability to discern what is true.

​#6 – You’re having trouble communicating

​Your throat chakra regulates the energy for communication, especially verbal communication.  

When it’s blocked, you may feel like you can’t get your feelings and thoughts across to others.

​When you begin to notice these signs that your chakras are blocked, energy healing can provide an opportunity to unblock them and restore healthy energy to your body and mind.  

  • Working with a practitioner can help you pinpoint the problem and work for a solution.  
  • The practice of meditation can also help you to clear the blockages that are causing your problems.
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