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15 Ways To Improve Your Emotional Wellness

emotional wellness with happiness

​What is the difference between mental and emotional wellness? Emotional wellness is related to your behaviors and emotions and having control over these will help you build healthy relationships and your own resilience.

This requires just as much effort as the other areas of your life do. It doesn’t mean that you won’t experience emotional issues or bad times.

It just means that you will be able to bounce back from difficult events.

1. Be A Positive Impact

​This builds on paying it forward really. You can be a positive influence in the lives of other people simply by being useful and helping them build their self-esteem, which will help you build yours as well!

2. Learn New Things

Every day is a school day. It doesn’t matter whether you learn a language or how to play an instrument, you may prefer to go museum hopping, read a book on a new subject or join a class!

It doesn’t matter what it is, you can improve your emotional wellness by discovering new things.

3. Enjoy The World

​That doesn’t mean that you have to go traveling, although that’s a great idea. You can enjoy the world just by getting out in nature, whether it’s sitting in a park, hiking in the mountains, relaxing at the beach or strolling on a boardwalk.

Spending time in the outdoors is an instant stress reliever.

4. Practice Self-Discipline

​There is a difference between self-discipline and never letting your emotions show. 

A bit of self-control is necessary to help you bounce back from negative emotions.

​5. Limit Bad Mental Habits

​Are you someone who gets caught in a spiral of negative thoughts? This is a drain on your energy and your time and will only lead to an increase of all the symptoms that sap your emotional wellness.

So, get in the habit of correcting those thoughts every time they crop up. You can also try to replace them entirely by going to your happy place.

​6. Appeal To Five  Senses

​You can help manage your emotions by appealing to your senses. You can put relaxing music on, use flowers or a candle as your sight and smell, enjoy a tasty beverage, and use your hands to massage your feet.

This is something that you can do regularly or try at home when you feel overwhelmed.

It’s all about staying grounded and getting in touch with your five senses can help improve your emotional wellness.

​7. Invest In A Pet

​While they are a responsibility, that is a benefit. Your pet will rely on you for everything, which drives you to get up and get going even if you don’t have to.

That can be one of the biggest pitfalls of dealing with a circus of emotions. Additionally, they repay you in unconditional love.

8. Do Creative Work

​Challenge yourself by engaging in creative activities. You don’t have to be an artist to show off your creativity, you can exercise your imagination in other ways.

It might be that you like to write, you enjoy playing the piano (or another instrument), you like to do puzzles, build things or even garden.

All of these are great ways to exercise your creativity and improve your emotional wellness.

​9. Make Leisure A Priority

​You should do things that you enjoy for no other reason than that… you enjoy it!

These are often dubbed guilty pleasures, but you shouldn’t feel guilty about binge-watching a sitcom, listening to Phil Collins all day or just hanging out with friends. 

Sometimes the most important thing in the world is indulging what you love.

​10. Take Time To Appreciate &  Contemplate

​What are you truly grateful for? It pays to take time to contemplate the positive things in your life and appreciate the little things.

Even if you’ve had a bad day, you can still appreciate the support of a loved one, the excitement of your pet’s face when you arrive home. 

There’s always a silver lining, you just have to look for it.

​11. Expand Your Social Circle

​We all need a support group to turn to in our times of need. That group can offer you a shoulder when you’re down and celebrate your wins as well. 

Your social circle is important, surround yourself with positive people who build you up and help you to improve your emotional wellness.

​12. Drink In Moderation

​Alcohol is effective at reducing stress. However, there’s a fine line here. If you overdo it with alcohol, it can easily exacerbate your stress, as well as any mental health issues that you may have.

So, it’s okay to enjoy a casual glass of red wine, but don’t allow it to become a habit. 

It’s a lot like food – it’s okay to treat yourself, but ultimately, you need to maintain a healthy diet.

​13. Manage Your Time Effectively

​Don’t allow stress to take hold in your life – you may not be able to get out of certain responsibilities, but you can make your life easier by creating an effective schedule and setting weekly goals for yourself.

​14. Go Into The Unknown

​These are the voyages… okay, you don’t need to launch yourself into space. However, you shouldn’t be afraid of the unknown. 

You can’t just make rational fears disappear, though, so you have to learn more about what it is you’re up against to help you feel comfortable about facing it!

​15. Say No More Often

​You can protect your emotional wellness by refusing to do things that you don’t have the time or energy to do. Stop overextending yourself to make everyone else happy.

Just firmly explain that you just can’t. You can do it kindly so, as long as you hold firm and be nice, there shouldn’t be too much push back.

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