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Giving of Yourself is a Way to Treat Loneliness


​All of us no doubt have experienced loneliness every now and then. This feeling of loneliness, it will drain self-respect, it will cause us even to become depressed, and it will lead us to require unnatural behavioural tendencies.

And it’s sad. It’s sad to think there are many lonely people out there who will have to deal with loneliness over the periods that are known to exacerbate loneliness, such as Christmas time or Valentine’s Day.

​Did you know that Britain has already appointed its first minister in the loneliness category – the Minister for Loneliness?
Their job is to take what Prime Minister Theresa May has tagged as the  “sad reality of modern life”  and try and change things a bit.

It is also because studies have linked loneliness to huge medical problems such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and what about suicide? And these are linked to astronomical medical bills.

no loneliness man with dog

​If you are experiencing loneliness, there are some things you can do about it. Some persons can simply say, “pull yourself together and just get on with life”, but it’s not easy for the lonely person, and unfortunately, you are the only one who can make the decision to change it, if you really want to.

Start with some of these:

Join a Class

​Join activity in one thing that you just love, like art, or music, or the outdoors.

Join a club where you can expect to find like-minded people, where you will learn to share ideas and make new friends who are doing the same thing you love doing; something even to seem forward to through the week.


​Becoming a volunteer for a cause you think it will do wonders. There are orphanages and elderly homes and animal care shelters that are crying out for helpers.

Why not join up and give some joy to others and see how it'll add feeling and joy to your life, as developing a way of thankfulness for all the nice moments you have in your own life.

no loneliness volunteer

Find Support

​Because loneliness is a somewhat widespread issue, and on the increase, you will find many people online who are searching for other people to connect to.

Always be careful though wish dishing out personal information. Fortunately, there are several legit online sites wherever you'll build new friends online. 

What about finding a Christian church wherever the folks can draw you in and wherever you may be able to be part of solid single teams that participate in socials and hikes and every one style of fantastic activities which will let you feel you belong.

Strengthen your existing relationships

​You probably have people in your life already that you would love to get to know better.

Call them up and stay more with them, finding ways to strengthen your existing relationships.

Get a pet (but not abandon it away once your life improves)
Dogs and cats as companions are that, wonderful and precious companions that will befriend you, no matter what.

When you rescue a pet from a shelter to bring home, you may receive a friendly relationship.

Just remember that it works each way and your pet would require what you're desiring to reach : relief from loneliness.

Don’t leave them alone for long provides them with more attention as you'd wish to get.

That’s how it works with pets. Take your dog for walks and participate with a dog walking group, etc.

​Speak to a Therapist, or speak to God about it

​Sometimes, getting out there and meeting people does not conquer the feelings of loneliness. 

Then it is comforting to know there are expert psychotherapists who can help you, particularly if you also feel depressed, and you have lost the enjoyment of life.

They will know how to help, with the right medications and advice to help you to face life better and to think more positively.
Take the first step today.

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