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Energy Healing

FAQ About Energy Healing

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What Is Energy Healing?

​Energy healing is a broad term for many different kinds of E healing practices.  But, in general, E healing works to create a balance of energy in the body where there was previously imbalance. 

Some examples of E healing include acupuncture, acupressure, chakra healing, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Healing Touch, and Reiki to name a few.  

Each type of E healing uses a different method for restoring the balance of the body’s energy system.  With E healing, the practitioner is helping the person to heal their own body and spirit.

What Is An Energy System?

There are generally three types of energy systems in the body.  They include aura, chakras, and meridians.  

  • The aura is an energy field that surrounds the body in layers of color that have a particular meaning.  The shape of your aura can also indicate your wellness.  
  • Chakras are centers of energy found all over the body.  The main chakras are found along the length of the spine.  
  • Energy meridians are pathways of energy that run along the length of the body and help the energy flow through the body.  

Any of these energy systems can become blocked and lead to dysfunction and illness.  

Energy medicine works to unblock the energy systems and restore function and wellness.

What Conditions Can Energy Healing Treat?

​Energy healing can treat any type of dysfunction in energy systems.  People often turn to E healing to relieve stress, improve sleep, and improve energy levels.  

They also look at energy medicine for headaches, digestive problems, food intolerances, hormone problems, and pain.  

E healing can be helpful for any condition that needs improvement. However, not all E healing techniques are appropriate for all conditions.  

It helps to have a knowledgeable practitioner to take a history and choose the best method.

What Are The Benefits Of Energy Healing?

​Energy healing has many benefits.  One of the most important benefits is that it works with your body to heal itself rather than focusing on external changes.  

E healing can help you to feel deeply relaxed and get a break from stress.  It can improve your blood pressure, sleep, and health problems.  

It can also decrease pain and help your immune system to work better.  E healing is noninvasive and generally is considered safe for most people.

Is Energy Therapy helpful If I’m Not Sick?

​Yes!  You do not need to have an illness to benefit from energy healing.  E healing can help you to have better overall wellness, energy, and allow you to have the best life possible for you.  

While it is helpful for people who have an illness, participating in E healing may be a way to actually prevent problems later on in your life.

This therapy is appropriate for people who are well and for people experiencing illness.

Can I Use Energy Therapy With Western Medicine?

​Energy therapy is often used in conjunction with Western medicine and other alternative therapies.  

It’s important to make sure your E healing practitioner is aware of any serious health conditions so that the appropriate type of E healing is used.  

Many people find that E healing enhances other treatments and therapies they’re experiencing

What Does Energy Healing Feel Like?

How energy healing feels depends on the method used.  For healing methods such as acupuncture, you may feel a slight bit of discomfort when the needles are inserted.  

However, this tends to be very minimal.  In energy therapies where hands are laid on or around the body, most people describe the session as very relaxing.  Even in distance healing sessions, many clients report feeling more relaxed.  

Many people report that they feel more relaxed, less stressed, and more at peace during an E healing session.  Sometimes people describe a comfortable feeling of warmth during E healing.

How Do I Know Energy Healing Is Working?

​In most cases, energy healing works a little at a time.  Rather than walking away from a session feeling that your entire well-being has shifted, you may feel that things are slightly different than they were before.  

These small shifts can lead to big changes long-term.  Every individual response differently depending on what is causing the energy blockage in the first place.

If you’re noticing small, positive changes you’re on the right track.

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What Happens During An Energy Healing Session?

​When you go for an energy healing session, you’ll spend the first part of your appointment discussing your wellness spiritually, physically, and emotionally.  

Then you’ll discuss the type of treatments recommended.  In most cases, you’ll lie on a treatment table or bench to receive therapies.

Typically, you’ll remain fully clothed, however with acupuncture you may need to remove some items of clothing.  

If you do need to undress, you’ll be draped for modesty.  You don’t have to participate in anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Do I Need To Do Anything After An Energy Healing Session?

​After an energy healing session, your practitioner will recommend you drink a lot of water.  

This helps to flush out any toxins in the body that were released during E healing.  You may also find that it helps for you to have some time to rest after a session.  

You won’t get as much benefit if you go from a relaxing E healing session right back into your stressful routine.  

It’s also recommended that you eat a lighter meal after energy therapy.

Is It Possible To Experience Energy Healing Long Distance?

​Yes.  Many energy healing professionals work long distance.  You can communicate through an online platform or by telephone.

Believe it or not, you can receive E healing without being in the room or even talking to a practitioner.  

However, you do need to be open to E healing in order to receive it.

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How many Energy Healing Sessions Will I Need?

​Every person is different when it comes to energy healing needs. For some people, one session can be enough to get the benefits while others may have long-term needs.  

It’s important to talk to your practitioner about your needs and work together to create the best plan for you.  

The budget can also be a constraint when it comes to working with E healing.  Make sure you are upfront about what you can afford to create the ideal plan for you.

Can Pets Benefit From Energy Healing?

​Yes.  All living things creatures have energy systems and pets are no different.  Many people find that their pets benefit from energy healing.  

This can be used to address physical problems as well as behavioral and emotional issues.  

E healing can be used to support your pet’s wellbeing and prevent future problems with illness or emotions.

​Do I Need To Talk To My Doctor About Energy Healing?

​It’s always a good idea for you to keep all of your healthcare providers informed of what you’re doing.  

However, it’s not necessary to have a physician’s clearance to obtain energy healing.  

Generally speaking, this type of healing will not negatively impact what your doctor is doing to treat you.  

Your E healing practitioner will work with you to develop a plan that is safe and that supports your health.

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