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6 Roadblocks To Weight Loss

weight loss roadblocks

​Weight loss may seem like it’s the easiest thing in the world. You eat right, stay away from junk food, drink lots of water and walk a lot. But the truth is that weight loss may seem like it’s the most difficult thing in the world.

Even though you may be eating right and working out, there may be times when it feels that you’ve hit a stumbling block and can’t get past it.

Here are 6 roadblocks and how you can get over them and regain your momentum.

1. Weight Loss And Stress

​Research shows that if you’re under a lot of constant stress, your body will hold onto the weight to counter the fight-or-flight signal sent by the brain.

And while exercising may decrease levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, it may also be helpful in the weight loss process to pursue relaxing activities after your regular workout routine.

You can do yoga, get a massage, practice meditation, anything that can help you relax and rid your body of any stress and anxiety which may hinder any weight loss.

energy levels yoga benefit weight losss

2. Having Unrealistic Goals

​Weight loss may be easy in theory, but the reality may turn out to be more difficult than you had imagined. This can be a devastating setback.

The only way to avoid this roadblock is, to be honest with yourself.

Do the math first and figure out how many calories you need to lose and over the course of how many months. 

You can use a calorie tracking app to help you eliminate harmful food from your diet, so you can reach your goal and feel pride in your accomplishments.

3. Inconsistent Eating Habits

​With a little discipline and some planning ahead, you can enjoy a healthy well-balanced diet to help you avoid mindless eating. 

Focusing your attention on healthy food choices helps you avoid falling into the rut of snacking and packing on the pounds. 

Put out fresh fruits on your kitchen counter, pack healthy nuts in your bag.

4. Your Workouts No Longer Motivates You

​You should be motivated by your exercise routine. But sometimes even the best workouts can become stale and dull.

If you feel that this is one of your roadblocks when you’re trying to lose weight, then you should try an activity that you enjoy.

If treadmills aren’t your thing, then try a dance class, go on a hike or bicycling. 

You can also find a workout buddy to help motivate you and keep you on track without getting bored or slacking off.

5. You Put Too Much Pressure on Yourself

​As with most things in life, the beginning is always the easiest; relationships, work, hobbies, and it’s the same with weight loss.

But then, a month or two go by and we feel that we’re doing all we can and we’re still not losing the weight.

We expect fast results and we tear ourselves up when our expectations aren’t met. We also compare ourselves to what we see on the media and feel that we fall short.

But pressuring yourself and constantly feeling inadequate will only add on to the pounds because constant stress in your life gives your body a signal to burn off as little weight as possible.

So, what to do?

Be honest with yourself. Commit yourself to work out and eating right every day of the week, and you’ll eventually achieve your goal. And most importantly, trust the process.

​6. You Can't Resist your Sweet Tooth

​When you crave something sweet, drink a glass of water or brush your teeth. Both will trick your brain into thinking that it’s no longer craving something sweet.

If you trust yourself, you can indulge in a small portion of a sweet snack instead of resisting which will only lead to you eating a much bigger portion than you had originally anticipated.

But if you’re afraid that you may eat more than you should, opt for a low-calorie snack or frozen yogurt.

All of us face barriers to weight loss sooner or later. Recognizing your individual roadblock can help you realize what you need to change in order to reach your weight loss goals.

Even if some may seem too difficult at first, be patient and don’t be too hard on yourself.

Give yourself the time you need to overcome these roadblocks and they’ll be easier to deal with as time goes by.

Even if you’ve created the perfect plan for yourself, flaws may arise as time goes by and what was perfect before isn’t going so well now.
But with some tweaking here and there, you can overcome any challenge that comes your way, so you can continue with your weight loss and become the healthiest, happiest version of yourself.

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