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Energy Healing

Surprising Facts About Energy Healing

Energy Healing Surprising Facts

​Energy healing is a broad term for many different therapies that work to help energy flow freely through the body.  While it’s been around for thousands of years, you may not know much about it.  Read on to learn some surprising facts about EH.

​Energy Healing Does Not Require Touch

​While some EH practices such as acupuncture require touching the body, there are many forms of energy healing that do not.  

For example, many practices use magnets or hand movements around your body, but never touch you.  

Other practices use muscle testing which doesn’t even require you to be in the same room

Energy Healing Is Scientifically Backed

While we don’t understand everything about EH, science has been making advances in understanding how energy healing works. 

Many research studies support the effectiveness of these techniques for improving health including pain reduction, boosting the immune system, and hastening recovery times.

Theories in quantum physics suggest that when energy systems are in proximity to one another there is interference.  

This may be the mechanism that allows an energy healer to interfere with a client’s energy system – and to do it in a positive, harmonious way.

You Can Be Your Own Energy Healer

While there are some techniques that really require the help of a trained practitioner, there are several ways you can heal your own energy.  

For example, guided meditation and visualization can allow you to draw positive energy to your life.

Using crystals, salts, or burning sage can also draw positive energy to you.  

energy healing woman yoga

Practicing yoga is another way you can help energy flow through your body and release emotional blocks.  

You can also learn natural healing systems that allow you to be the practitioner for you.

​Energy Healing Isn't Religious

​While energy healing addresses areas of the mind, body, and spirit it is not a religion, you don’t have to be religious in order to practice energy healing.

If you are religious, EH doesn’t need to conflict with your beliefs.

All living beings have energy flowing through them and using EH  is simply about helping that energy to move effectively and efficiently in positive ways. 

This doesn’t require a belief in a higher power and also doesn’t exclude the belief in a higher power.

Whatever you believe or don’t believe, EH can work for you.  With EH you can bring more peace, harmony, and wellness into your life.

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