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​Children who have autism often experience trouble with sleep, feelings of anxiety, and frustration.  

While there are many different ways to help kids who experience autism, energy healing can be one of the best choices for parents who want to help their children.

How Energy Healing Can Help?

Energy Healing doesn’t offer a “cure” for autism.  However, it does offer a way to help energy flow more smoothly through the body and improve wellbeing

While this is true for the child it is also true for family members.

A diagnosis of autism can cause fear, anxiety, and stress.  As you can imagine those feelings may exacerbate negative behaviors and feelings that the child is experiencing as well.

This creates a vicious cycle that escalates negative outcomes.

Children with autism may also experience digestive pain linked to blocked energy pathways. 

Energy healing can restore balance to emotions and help energy to flow in ways that are healing, relaxing, and allow harmony in the home and in relationships.

Types of Energy Healing

​Energy Healing can take place in a number of ways.  Acupuncture and acupressure are physical practices that restore energy flow

You may also find relief from the practices of Reiki, Neuromodulation Technique, Emotional Freedom Technique EFT, meditation, and yoga to name just a few.

Some forms of Energy Healing you can practice on your own. Others can require the help of a trained professional.  

It’s a good idea to research what is available in your area as well as by distance.  Energy healing practitioners often offer distance programs that are very effective.

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​Does Energy Healing Hurt?

​As a parent, you want to do everything in your power to make sure your child doesn’t experience pain.  Most energy medicine is completely pain-free.  Acupuncture can cause a mild amount of discomfort as needles are inserted.  

Other modalities will allow your child to relax.  Kids often find that energy healing sessions are very peaceful and enjoyable

Children with autism often find it difficult to connect with others verbally or by making eye contact.  

However, energy healing gives them the opportunity to connect in a way that isn’t threatening.  

Adults who participate feel the same way.  Being a caregiver for a child with autism can be challenging and even carry feelings of trauma and grief.  

By both children and parents participating, every member of the family is able to have better energy flow and maintain more peace in the home.

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