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Energy Healing

How Yoga Fits Into Your Energy Healing Plan?

yoga energy healing plan

​Many people practice yoga to improve fitness, but yoga is actually a form of energy healing.  

By adding this to your routine you can improve your physical, mental, and spiritual health.

What is Yoga?

​You’ve probably seen yoga and maybe you’ve even done it, but it can help to understand the history of it to get a better idea of what it really is.  It was developed thousands of years ago as a way to heal the mind, body, and spirit.

There are many forms of yoga, but in every form the elements of breath and poses are present.  Different poses work to open chakras in the body

Chakras are centers of energy found throughout the body.  When they become blocked, you can have dysfunction and negativity in your life.

yoga benefits

As a newbie, you may be a little intimidated by the flexibility of your instructor.  Don’t worry if you can’t even touch your toes.  

Yoga is a practice that will help you to become more flexible, but there are tools and poses that can modify your practice in the beginning.

​When you’re new to the practice it really helps to work with an instructor who can watch what you’re doing and help.  

If that isn’t practical, there are many online instructional videos and you can search for one that feels right for you.

​What Are The Benefits?

​Yoga has many benefits.  It will help you to improve your flexibility and increase strength.

Some forms are also aerobic activity and help strengthen your cardiovascular system.

Many people report weight management from practicing yoga.  But one of the greatest benefits people experience is the reduction in pain.  

If you’re suffering from pain in your joints or muscles, regular practice can help to reduce that pain.

yoga meditation

​Yoga is also kind to your body.  In other words, it can be practiced in a way that doesn’t harm your joints or other sensitive areas. ​

If you’re worried about reinjuring a part of your body, it can help you to get stronger while protecting your safety.

Spiritually, many people find that yoga helps to bring positive energy to the mind and soul

If you experience a lot of stress, it can help you to get relief.  If you’re suffering from anxiety, depression, or trauma yoga can be a way to reconnect your body and mind and get relief from that suffering.

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