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What Can I learn About Medical Intuitive? Intuition Regarding Health And Wellbeing
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Energy Healing

What Can I Learn About Medical Intuitive?

medical intuitive

​Recently, a new field in alternative medicine has emerged as practitioners are known as " medical intuitive " have become more common.  While this may seem like a new field, the practice has actually been around for hundreds of years.  And in reality, many people have tapped into their intuition regarding health and wellbeing for thousands of years.

What Is Medical Intuitive?

​MI is a form of energy medicine that allows people to use their own intuition to understand more about what is happening to their bodies.  For example, you can learn about how you are affected by the people around you.

You can also learn about how your body holds on to trauma and address issues of your own spiritual health.  

The idea of medical intuitive is that you can be taught skills to help you uncover the intuition that you already have.

A person who is practicing as a medical intuitive professionally has honed these skills in order to assist with issues regarding health

In some situations, a Medical Intuitive can be part of a treatment team with physicians and other healthcare providers.  And, in fact, some medical doctors are also medical intuitive.

This person might be able to assist in making a diagnosis without having a medical history, performing tests, or even examining an individual.  

Instead, they rely on energy to help establish the problem.

Intuition Belongs To Everyone

​While you might go to a medical intuition to get help with a specific issue, it’s important to understand that intuition belongs to everyone.  

While some people are more skilled at honing in on and understanding medical issues, all people can do this for themselves.

Working with a medical intuitive can help you to understand more about these skills.  

You can also look for online courses and books that introduce skills to perform MI on your own.

medical intuitive magic is something you make

​Medical Intuitive: Benefits Healing

​MI can help illuminate problems and concerns that aren’t going to show up on medical tests.  It can help you to get better sleep, feel less pain, and improve your emotional outlook.

By listening to your body, you can make good decisions about how best to care for it.  

Rather than following a prescription for health that isn’t individualized for you, you can listen to your own body and determine what is best.

​By having a constant understanding and mindfulness about your body’s energy, you can experience optimal wellness.  

Other energy medicine practices such as yoga, meditation, and visualization can help you to tune in more.

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