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Scotland v Georgia: Euro 2024 qualifier continues after rain delay – live | Euro 2024 qualifying

Scotland v Georgia: Euro 2024 qualifier continues after rain delay – live | Euro 2024 qualifying
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76 min “I think I’d put old No-Feet in the ‘been quietly very good’ column for tonight,” writes James Humphries of Billy Gilmour, “as he usually is for Scotland – won a few good balls near his own penalty area, constantly occupying two Georgian defenders, and heading long out-balls away from danger if he can’t find a man. Like I said, I’ve a lot of time for him! (We’ll even pass discreetly over when he got put through on goal and immediately went ‘what the hell are these things at the end of my legs’.)


75 min Gagnidze is booked for dissent.

75 min “Unfortunately for Matt, it’s looking as bad for Wales as it good for Scotland,” says Simon McMahon. “He’ll always have 2016, mind. And if we make the semi-finals in Germany next year, I’ll happily buy him three pints of Penderyn.”

73 min: Chance for Georgia! A bit of a scare for Scotland. Kakabadze’s fierce cross from the right is palmed away by Gunn, but only as far as Mikautadze, who swishes a volley into the side netting from 12 yards. He’s usually a decent finisher and looks annoyed with himself.

72 min: Chance for Scotland! The corner is taken short and worked to Gilmour, whose inviting cross is headed over from eight yards by Porteous. That was a great chance.

72 min Hickey runs onto a good return pass from McGregor, forcing Gagnidze to come across and concede a corner.


70 min Scotland have Georgia at arm’s length. I guess had the internet existed in 1978, somebody would have written ‘Scotland have Iran at arm’s length’. But at the moment it doesn’t feel like there is a nasty surprise round the corner.

70 min Hickey plays a reverse pass towards McGregor in the area. It’s slightly telegraphed, which allows Kashia to shepherd the ball behind for a goalkick.

68 min And now Gocholeishvili is booked for fouling Hickey.

67 min Robertson is booked for a soggy foul on Davitashvili.

65 min: Georgia substitution Zuriko Davitashvili, who scored the winner against Cyprus on Saturday, replaces Saba Lobjanidze.


63 min McTominay’s through ball to Dykes takes a slight but crucial touch off a defender, allowing Mamardashvili to come out and claim. McTominay has been a constant threat, certainly since half-time.

60 min Kiteishvili shoots over from 30 yards. It was beautifully struck but Angus Gunn had it covered.

59 min Billy Gilmour has been good tonight. Players of his ilk – the opposite of highlights players – tend not to get mentioned very often on liveblogs, but he’s been busy and neat as usual.

58 min The rampaging McTominay shoots wide from the edge of the D, this time with his right foot.

56 min: Georgia substitution Giorgi Gocholeishvili and Budu Zivzivadze replace Nika Kvekveskiri and Lasha Dvali.


55 min McGregor tries to find McTominay in the area with a cute reverse pass. It’s intercepted and rolls back to McGregor, who shoots high and wide from the edge of the area. He’s annoyed with himself, because that was a chance.

55 min He hasn’t done a huge amount tonight, but jeez Kvaratskhelia is a beautiful player to watch.

55 min Kvaratskhelia beats two players through sleight of hip and finds Mikautadze on the edge of the area. He moves it into the area for Kiteishvili, who tries to take on Robertson and is crucially tackled.

54 min On that note, apparently the trip to Norway was the first time Scotland had won a game after trailing with 10 minutes to go since the 19th century.

53 min Scotland are in control for the time being. I’m pretty sure they have never won their first four games in qualification, so they are 37 minutes away from making history.


51 min “Is McTominay just played out of position or something at Man United?” says James Humphries. “He’s a constant figure of fun, it seems, but he’s been scorching for Scotland for a while now.”

He’s been a decentplayer for United, for all the McFred nonsense, but yeah he has generally played as a defensive midfielder. There were a few times last season when Ten Hag used him further forward. I also think Scotland’s system gives him a bit more freedom than he would get in a 4-2-3-1.

48 min That was a really neat finish from McTominay with his weaker foot, both imaginative and precise.

It’s McTominay’s fifth goal in four games in this group, and he took it superbly. Robertson cut inside from the left and was tackled, with the ball bouncing up outside the area. McTominay charged onto it, controlled the ball deftly with his right foot and then shaped a superb left-footed shot from the edge of the area that beat Mamardashvili at the near post.

Updated at 17.37 EDT


GOAL! Scotland 2-0 Georgia (McTominay 47)

The goal machine strikes again!

Scotland’s Scott McTominay scores their side’s second goal. Photograph: Stuart Wallace/Shutterstock

Updated at 17.39 EDT

46 min Georgia begin the second half, kicking from left to right as we watch.

The players are out for the second half. It’s 10.28pm, local time, and Dr Death has probably seen off two or three already. Never mind.

“I mean, major tournaments are overrated,” says our resident Wales fan Matt Dony. “But I hope Scotland continue this run and make it to Germany, if only for McMahon!”


Even if Scotland make the final of Euro 2024, only to lose on penalties to Georgia, Simon McMahon will struggle to match your tour de force during the Euro 2016 semi-final.

Half-time reading

Half time: Scotland 1-0 Georgia

After two and a half hours, the first half comes to an end. Scotland still lead through an early goal (in more ways than one) from Callum McGregor, and they have had the better chances since play resumes following a biblical downpour. See you in 15 minutes for the second half, hopefully.

45+4 min Hickey is booked for a late tackle on Kvekveskiri. He was going for the ball but didn’t get it.

45+1 min Four minutes of added time.


45 min All of a sudden Scotland are rampant. McGinn connects properly with a vicious shot from 25 yards that hits the shoulder of Kvekveskiri and deflects over the bar. That was certainly on target.

43 min: Fine save by Mamardasvili! Scott McTominay almost gets his fifth goal in Group A. He received the ball from McGregor on the left side of the area, took a couple of touches to create a soupcon of space and then threaded a low shot across goal, through a crowd of defenders. Mamardashvili saw it late but plunged to his left to fingertip it round the post. That’s a really terrific save.

Scotland's Scott McTominay has a chance on goal.
Scotland’s Scott McTominay has a chance on goal. Photograph: Andrew Milligan/PA

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Rob Smyth

Published: 2023-06-20 22:56:32


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