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Rachel Maddow Spots Trump’s Most ‘Personally Embarrassing’ Part Of Indictment

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow said Tuesday’s indictment on 37 federal charges wasn’t the only bad news for Donald Trump.

The former president, she noted, had warned that his arrest would lead to “the biggest protest we have ever had” and predicted that the people of the country wouldn’t stand for it.

“Turns out the people of the United States would stand for it,” Maddow said, noting no mass protests in Miami, just as there were few supporters outside the site of his indictment in New York in March.

“There’s no shame in not having people protest your arrest and indictment,” she said. “Except when you have begged people to, and told people to, and in fact promised publicly that people would.”

That, she said, is “personally embarrassing” for Trump.


Fellow MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell said that’s bad news for Trump ― and the former president is now painfully aware of the fact that the crowds aren’t coming on his command anymore.

“Trump knows better than any of us: They’re not coming,” he said, then referred to the potential scene of a next possible indictment: “They wont come to Georgia. They’re not coming. That stuff is completely over… he doesn’t have that anymore.”

See more of the MSNBC panel discussion below:

Published: 2023-06-14 09:50:07


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