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NBA finals Game 4: Denver Nuggets v Miami Heat – live | NBA finals

NBA finals Game 4: Denver Nuggets v Miami Heat – live | NBA finals

How to watch the NBA finals

Every game of the NBA finals will air in the US on broadcast TV (ABC), live stream (ESPN3) and on NBA League Pass.

UK viewers can watch on Sky Sports or NBA League Pass. Australian viewers can stream on Kayo Sports via ESPN and additionally through NBA League Pass.


Best-of-seven series. All times EDT.

Thu 1 Jun Game 1: Nuggets 104, Heat 93

Sun 4 Jun Game 2: Heat 111, Nuggets 108

Wed 7 Jun Game 3: Nuggets 109, Heat 94

Fri 9 Jun Game 4: Nuggets at Heat, 8.30pm (ABC)


Mon 12 Jun Game 5: Heat at Nuggets, 8.30pm (ABC)

Thu 15 Jun Game 6: Nuggets at Heat, 8.30pm (ABC) *

Sun 18 Jun Game 7: Heat at Nuggets, 8pm (ABC) *

* if necessary

Key events


Nuggets 65-55 Heat, 7:35, 3rd quarter

The Heat are going to need to start making some three-pointers here. Recent history suggests that if they don’t start making them around a 50% clip, they don’t win. Meanwhile, the Nuggets defense seems to be forcing them to play closer to the basket.


Jokić makes a layup. And then Murray does. The Heat have to call a timeout as this looks a lot like Game 3’s third quarter. It’s a ten-point Denver lead.

Nuggets 61-55 Heat, 9:16, 3rd quarter

Porter Jr with a slam. Vincent makes his first shot on the other end. Porter Jr with a layup on the other end and this is his best game in a long time.

Nuggets 57-53 Heat, 10:33, 3rd quarter

Vincent finds Adebayo for a jumper and Miami gets its first second-half points.


Nuggets 57-51 Heat, 10:59, 3rd quarter

Both teams start cold offensively to start the third quarter. Eventually, Murray draws a foul on Kevin Love to get to the line, his two made free throws start the second-half scoring.

Start of the second half

Nuggets 55-51 Heat, 12:00, 3rd quarter

After a long stretch of time filled with mostly advertisements, we have arrived at the third quarter.

Another weird quirk of a strange first half, Butler usually feasts at the line. We’ll see if that’s a mere statistical quirk or not as the game goes on. (Assuming he gets to the line, which is a fairly safe assumption given how Miami plays.)


espn should hire me to make their halftime show more entertaining

— claire de lune (@ClaireMPLS) June 10, 2023

I 100% endorse this.

Plenty of time left, but yes: the Heat are not playing their game. The Nuggets aren’t either, not really, but they don’t need to be perfect to pull off a win here. The Heat do.

Jokić watch


The other good news for Denver is that Jokić has yet to fully heat up. He has 16 points, tying him with Gordon, but only two assists to go along with his five rebounds.

On Miami’s side, the streaky Max Strus has yet to give them anything: he has zero points (as does Vincent). The Heat are hitting only 33% from the three-point and that’s not their winning formula.

Halftime thoughts

Both teams should feel good heading into the second half. The Nuggets have a lead despite not playing their best offensive half while the Heat have managed to cut down their lead to a mere four points with plenty of game to go.

It all depends on who comes out better prepared to start the third, it feels like. On Wednesday, that’s when the Nuggets put in their best basketball of the series. Can Miami prevent them from pulling off a repeat?


Nuggets 55-51 Heat, end of the first half

Lowry with a floater. He already has 13 points and the veteran is keeping the Heat in this game. The Heat defend on the other end and Adebayo unleashes another dunk.

Jokić picks up an offensive foul on a shove! The Heat have a great chance here with the shot clock off. Butler misses his shot attempt, but picks up a foul.

Bad luck for Miami on what was otherwise a perfect ending to the second half for him: he misses both free throws.

Nuggets 55-47 Heat, 1:07, 2nd quarter

Instead, Game 3 hero Christian Braun goes to the line. He misses the first free throw, which the crowd loves. They are less appreciative when he makes the second.


Nuggets 54-47 Heat, 1:24, 2nd quarter

Adebayo with a leaping dunk! Now let’s see if Miami can get stops.

Nuggets 54-45 Heat, 1:36, 2nd quarter

Lowry finally is called for a foul, this will put Porter Jr on the line. He makes both free throws.

Nuggets 52-45 Heat, 1:58, 2nd quarter


Oh hey, a rare Porter Jr field goal.

Nuggets 50-45 Heat, 2:29, 2nd quarter

Lowry runs into Gordon, who gets called for a foul. He’s out there committing crimes. Well, crime pays: he makes both free throws.

Nuggets 50-43 Heat, 2:41, 2nd quarter

Jokić on the line. Of course he makes all three free throws. Is it even a question anymore? After a slow start, the Nuggets are already at 50 points.


Nuggets 48-43 Heat, 2:41, 2nd quarter

Aaron Gordon leads all scorers with 16 points? I’m going to say that if he remains the leading scorer at the end of the game, the Nuggets will be up 3-1 in the NBA finals.

Nuggets 48-43 Heat, 2:41, 2nd quarter

As tends to happen, Caldwell-Pope gets, well, called for a foul. That puts Lowry back on the line yet again, this is part of his skill set, he makes both to cut Denver’s lead.

After Max Strus gets called for a foul, with the Heat over the limit, the Nuggets take a timeout.


Nuggets 48-41 Heat, 3:11, 2nd quarter

Adebayo with a layup but now Miami just can’t get stops. Caldwell-Pope finds Gordon who continues to have the game of his life: that’s yet another dunk for him.

Nuggets 46-39 Heat, 3:57, 2nd quarter

Martin makes a dunk. Jokić with a miss… but the shot is tipped back in.

Nuggets 44-37 Heat, 4:38, 2nd quarter


Butler goes to the line making one of two. Jokić calmly hits a three for Denver.

Nuggets 41-36 Heat, 5:11, 2nd quarter

Is this the Aaron Gordon game? Denver is close to unstoppable when they have a third option scoring at will and that might be what’s happening here. He completes a three-point play by scoring and making a free throw.

Martin makes a layup for Miami. Denver can’t get separation here.

Nuggets 38-34 Heat, 5:45, 2nd quarter


Butler with a dunk. Gordon with a dunk. Yes, both teams are definitely playing with a lot more energy now.

Nuggets 36-32 Heat, 6:21, 2nd quarter

Porter Jr gets to the line. He makes one of two free throws.

Nuggets 35-32 Heat, 6:28, 2nd quarter

Lowry grifts a foul on Jokić, yeah that’s part of the Miami gameplan as well. Jokić is upset, but it’s unchallengeable. Lowry makes both free throws.


Nuggets 35-30 Heat, 6:57, 2nd quarter

Murray finds the much-maligned Michael Porter Jr for a dunk.

Nuggets 33-30 Heat, 7:31, 2nd quarter

Out of the timeout, Jokić hits a ridiculously long three.

A few minutes into the second quarter, it looks like both teams are waking up now after a sluggish start. Honestly, this is true of your liveblogger as well, the caffeine is finally reaching my system. You have been warned.


Nuggets 30-30 Heat, 7:50, 2nd quarter

Gordon gets called for traveling, which gives a crucial possession for Miami. Robinson finds Butler for a layup, give him an assist for that.

And Denver will call its first timeout of the game.

Nuggets 30-28 Heat, 8:12, 2nd quarter

Brown makes a basket. For the Heat, Duncan Robinson hits a three.


Nuggets 28-25 Heat, 9:09, 2nd quarter

We get a pause for some floor mopping action here before the game resumes. With the floor properly dry, Adebayo scores to briefly tie the game before Gordon hits yet another three.

Hunter Felt

Published: 2023-06-10 01:56:03


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