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Healing inside and out | The Humane Society of the United States

“Cats are so sensitive,” says Allison Bundock, HSUS senior specialist of animal health, noting the importance of meeting cats’ physical and psychological needs. Although some cats—including Simon—were friendly, the majority were fearful, she says. Bundock worked at an outdoor veterinary station. As she received reports from responders about how evasive the cats were, she became “really worried about how realistic it was going to be to place many of them” into new homes. 

In addition to behavioral issues, some cats suffered from upper respiratory infections, skin conditions, ear infections and dehydration. Simon had lost all his teeth except one canine, which was later removed. The team brought several cats to an emergency vet right away—including Toby, who was severely emaciated and dehydrated. His fur was so matted with litter and feces it was likely causing pain. 

The 176 cats went to confidential locations to receive care. One night, a veterinary technician noticed Simon was having trouble breathing and brought him to an emergency clinic, where veterinarians discovered he had a heart issue. After receiving treatment, Simon went to The Homeward Bound Project of MS. A veterinary technician with the rescue fell in love with Simon and provided him a loving hospice home where he spent his last weeks before passing away in March. 

Many of the cats will find new homes through our shelter and rescue partners, such as Nashville Humane Association and Kentucky Humane Society, but 32 cats went to our care center for additional medical and behavioral care.

Published: 2023-06-18 06:40:55


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