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Fox News’s Sean Hannity interviews California governor Gavin Newsom | California

Fox News’s Sean Hannity interviews California governor Gavin Newsom | California

California’s Gavin Newsom sat down with Fox News’ Sean Hannity for an interview on Monday night, confounding many supporters and fueling speculation about his presidential aspirations.

The interview opened with Newsom and Hannity sparring over immigration, Joe Biden and the economy. The Fox News host repeatedly insisted the president is not up to the job and described Newsom, long viewed as a presidential hopeful, as articulate and more energetic.

“I’m rooting for our president and I have great confidence in his leadership,” Newsom said before again defending Biden’s record. “I know he’s capable. I see results … real results.”

The California governor said he would not enter the Democratic primary and would continue to support Biden.


Newsom has been touring red states and running billboard ads promoting abortion rights in Texas, Mississippi and other Republican-led states. Hannity, a longtime ally of Donald Trump who recently moderated a deferential town hall with the former president, reached out to Newsom, according to Politico. With Hannity, Newsom senior adviser Anthony York told the outlet: “He believes in going into the lion’s den.”

Hannity has run several recent segments painting Newsom as a radical liberal who wants to “bring California’s failures to the rest of the country” and that he “doesn’t know what the word freedom means”.

Newsom and Hannity have reportedly known each other for years, though the governor has not appeared on Fox since 2010. Although the Democratic governor often criticises the conservative network for its flagrant promotion of election conspiracy theories and fearmongering about crime in liberal states like California, he has also shown a zeal for sparring with rightwing figures.

Fox said the live, primetime interview would cover a range of issues including immigration, gun control and the 2024 presidential election. Newsom has insisted he has “sub-zero” interest in running for president while placing himself at the forefront of political conversations in recent months.

Last week, he doubled down on his feud with the Florida governor and 2024 presidential candidate, Ron DeSantis, by threatening criminal charges after flights chartered by the state sent Latin American migrants to California. He also touted a quixotic plan to push for a constitutional amendment regulating guns, placing age limits, background check requirements and other restrictions on gun ownerships.


With the country bitterly divided over gun rights, such an amendment is highly unlikely to ever pass – two-thirds of the House and Senate, or two-thirds of all states would have to agree to a constitutional convention to make it happen. Newsom is proposing the latter route, which has never happened before. Legal experts also warn it would set a dangerous norm.

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He announced the gun rights plan on NBC’s Today Show, saying that the proposal was crafted in response to the federal court rolling back several gun safety laws.

It is conspicuous, the Sacramento Bee’s editorial board wrote in response to Fox promoting an interview with the governor, that the governor has not made time for interviews with local outlets. “Good luck on Hannity, Governor Newsom,” they wrote. “We’ll be watching, and we’ll also be watching for you to be a little more present in California media, since you’re not running for president.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report

Maanvi Singh and Dani Anguiano

Published: 2023-06-13 01:29:50


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