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6/18: Sunday Morning – CBS News

6/18: Sunday Morning – CBS News/

Hosted by Jane Pauley. In our cover story, Tracy Smith looks back at the history of “The Ed Sullivan Show,” which debuted 75 years ago. Plus: Anthony Mason gets a tour of photographs by Paul McCartney, taken during The Beatles’ U.S. tour in 1964; Susan Spencer looks at the fight over health care for transgender youth; Jim Axelrod meets a woman who ticked off unfulfilled items from her late father’s bucket list; Mark Whitaker explores the legacy of African American architect Paul Revere Williams; Faith Salie talks with a photographer whose picture of a racially-motivated attack using an American flag won a Pulitzer Prize; and Ben Tracy reports on the rising interest in burial via human composting.


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Published: 2023-06-18 18:22:36


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