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Wellness Myths and Facts

Wellness Myths And Facts

​What You Will Learn? Fact 1: Health and Wellness Aren’t (Exactly) the Same ThingFact 2: You Don’t Have to Go to Church to Tend Your Spiritual WellbeingMyth 1: You Have to be “Book Smart” to be “Well”​Myth 2: You Either Are Well or You Aren’t ​There are a lot of misconceptions about wellness. This happens …

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spiritual wellness

How To Boost Your Spiritual Wellness

​Today, the average lifestyle is completely dissociated from the spiritual wellness.We educate our minds, stay up on current events and news, throw ourselves into the jargon that comes with our career, exercise, and work hard to better ourselves.Yet, what of our spiritual wellness? Perhaps the reason for this is that many people link spirituality with …

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