Critical illness insurance

Critical Illness Insurance 15 Ways to Save Money

13. Consider getting a life insurance policy that has an advancement of funds for critical illness insurance

This can be cheaper than purchasing two separate policies, but understand that an advancement affects your life insurance benefit.

14. Smokers always pay more

Sometimes double the rates of non-smokers. This is just one more good reason to give up the bad habit!

15. Speak with a broker

Unlike an agent that works for just one company, or a bank that only sells their brand of policies, brokers have access to all the products on the market, and they will compare them for you.

Brokers are like matchmakers. They check out all your options and pair you with the best critical illness insurance for your needs.

Some brokers even get discounts that are not available to the public, so they can get you the best rate.

Age is a driving factor in the development of critical illnesses, and nobody can escape the ageing process.

That’s why critical illness insurance is just as important as life insurance. We hope these tips motivate you to speak with a broker and save money on this type of policy.

Get in touch with a broker today and get the protection you need.



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