Critical illness insurance

Critical Illness Insurance 15 Ways to Save Money

10. You can get a simplified or guaranteed issue critical illness policy that allows you to skip the medical exam, but you pay more for that privilege

A fully underwritten policy that includes a medical exam is cheaper. If you are in good health, skip the no medical policy and make time for a doctor’s or nurse’s visit.

11. Bundle up!

If you are in the market for several different types of policies, such as disability and life insurance in addition to critical illness insurance, your insurer may have a bundle discount.

Don’t be shy about asking if this is the case.

12. Want money back guarantee?

Some policies come with or allow you to purchase, a return of premium rider that pays back a full or partial refund of your unused premiums.

There is often a charge for this, but the extra money can more than offset a return of premium years down the road.

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