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PlayStation Portal Will Be Back in Stock This Week For the UK

PlayStation Portal Will Be Back in Stock This Week For the UK

While the winds of Black Friday rage on beside us, there's another name on the lips of PlayStation fans this shopping season: PlayStation Portal. While the initial reaction to the 'play PS5 on your sofa' device were mild, stock levels have proved extremely limited, and now everyone wants one. We gave the device an 8/10 in our review, stating that its a great second screen for your PS5, but lack of Bluetooth and an internet browser limit its use outside the house.

For now, we're all on the hunt for one of these tidy devices, as the alure of fighting over the TV during the holidays quickly becomes a reality. You're in the right place, as we've got all the details on where and when you can buy the PS Portal for the foreseable future in the UK. For stock news in the US, check out our other relevant PS Portal buyer's guide.


PlayStation Portal Will Be Back in Stock This Week

Sony has confirmed that the PS Portal will be back in stock in the UK from November 22 (this Wednesday). This is huge news for everyone still after the device, so stay tuned for more news regarding the restock this week. For instant updates on PS Portal stock, ensure you are following @IGNUKDeals on Twitter/X.

Where to Buy PS Portal in the UK

What is the PS Portal? – Cost, Release Date, and More

PlayStation Portal launched on November 15 in the UK and costs £199.99 RRP. Unlike other handheld consoles like the Nintendo Switch, the PS Portal is a purely a second screen for your PS5. If the TV is being used, or you just want to play on the sofa or in bed, this is the perfect compansion piece for your shiny console — especially those who have just invested in the PS5 over Black Friday deals.

PlayStation Black Friday Deals

PS5 is getting special treatment as Sony is officially going live with all their deals today. So, Xbox and Nintendo fans, don't feel disheartened if they're getting a little bit of special treatment right now — the deals are pretty amazing. For starters we've got the PS5 for £360, or the PS5 bundles including two free games for £400; unbelievable jeff.

There's also a PS5 2TB SSD for less than £100 to maximise that storage, and a DualSense controller for just £39.99. PS Plus is also up to 30% off right now for new and current members, but you can save even more with a ShopTo gift card deal. For example, new members can get 12-months of PS Plus for £83.99 (down from £99.99), but the ShopTo £84 gift card costs just £74.85 so you're securing a total saving of £25.14.

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Robert Anderson

Published: 2023-11-21 10:44:01

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